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This is a Request for an Application for Employment at Westmoreland Electric, (the “Company”).   I understand, and agree, that the Applicaion will be given to me and will be considered only on these conditions:


  1. If requested, I will give a resume, provide any other requested relevant information, and take any work-related tests which are not prohibited by law.   If I choose not to do any of these things, the Company is free from any need to further process this Request and I hereby release the Company from all liability of any kind because of its non-processing of this Request.

  2. We base hiring decisions on a variety of lawful considerations, including: our assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, skills and ability to perform the job involved; prior satisfactory employment with us; availability; referrals by employees and customers; employment references; willingness to work; ability to work with others; willingness to accept the offered salary; relevant employment experience; geographic and transportation considerations and personal interviews. We hire based on personal contact with individuals so that we can make sound business judgments as to the most qualified applicants.

  3. To seek employment, a potential applicant must appear in person, fill out, sign and submit this “Request for Application” form.   Upon completing this form, an Application will be provided.  Individual or group applications sent by mail, faxed or hand-delivered are not considered “applications” and, therefore, persons submitting same are not considered eligible applicants.  Individuals who submit unsolicited resumes which show, in our opinion, that they may be qualified for needed positions may be contacted and asked to come to our office to complete a “Request for Application” form, so that they may be properly considered. Applications must be completed in their entirely, including the employment history.  Applicants must not put any information on the application which is not requested.  We do not accept group applications or photocopied forms.

  4. If hired, my hiring will be substantially based on my Application and the other information I supplied prior to my hiring.  All such information is important and necessary to the Company’s decision whether or not to hire me.  Accordingly, any falsehoods in the information supplied by me, the withholding of any requested information, or any other failure of good faith concerning the facts, preparation, signing or handling of the Application or other information which I give to the Company may, if I am hired, be full justification for my discharge from my employment, regardless of when, after my hiring, the Company learns of the facts, or how long a time period has passed between my hiring and the discharge.  Applications must be completed in their entirety, including the employment history.  Applicants must not put any information on the application which is not requested.  Merely stating “references on request”, or “working out of an employment source” will not be acceptable unless every employer is individually listed and the dates during which an applicant was employed by them is listed.  If more space is needed attach an additional sheet.  If the job history is not completely and specifically listed, the application will not be retained.

  5. The Company, its employees, and others dealing with the Company, are very interested in the Company providing a safe and drug-free work-place.  As a result, both before hire and at any time during my employment if I am hired, I will submit to tests required by the Company which relate to the use of alcohol, unlawful drugs or controlled substances.  In return for the Company receiving and considering this Request, I give up whatever rights of “confidentiality”, “privacy”, and all other rights which might interfere with the Company’s testing requirement.

  6. Because of operational needs which may vary due to customer demands, frequent overtime work assignments, and obvious safety considerations, employment with the Company is not only primary, but must be exclusive.  Accordingly, full-time employees can work only for Westmoreland Electric and cannot also be employed by any other employer.

  7. I am applying for the position of (please check the appropriate box(s):

    I understand that this position has physical requirements, such as repetitive motion, lifting, reaching, etc., and that if I am a successful candidate for the position involved, I must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation.

  8. I understand that the Company only interviews applicants when there are jobs available. When openings exist, only “active” applications are reviewed.  My application shall be considered “active” for a period of time not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date of application.  Thereafter, it is my responsibility to keep the Company informed of my availability.  I understand that should the Company determine that it has a sufficient number of completed applications to meet its hiring needs in the foreseeable future or if there are no foreseeable openings, in order to avoid unnecessary costs and waste of the Company’s finite administrative resources, the Company reserves the right to decline to accept/process additional Applications and/or Requests for Application.

  9. Hiring is based on the Application, any information supplied by the applicant at his or her interview, and, if there are any qualification tests, the results of the test or tests.  All information given by the applicant in the Application and all other information supplied by the applicant before, during or after any interview are considered by us to be important to hiring and/or the continuation of employment.  Any material misrepresentation, exaggeration, fraud, withholding or other misconduct involved in the preparation or submission of the Application or in any information given by the applicant before, during or after the hiring process, or with respect to any qualifications tests, will be sufficient reason for either refusing to hire the applicant, or (if there has been a hiring) for termination on discovery, at any time during the individual’s employment, regardless of the amount of time that has passed between the hire and termination.

  10. If I am hired, I will receive a copy of the Company’s “Employee Handbook” and I understand that I will be required to comply with it.

  11. I understand and agree that if I am hired; my employment will be “at-will”.   I understand that “at will” employment means that, for any reason or without any reason, and at any time either I or the Company can discontinue my employment without either of us having or giving any reason for the discontinuation of my employment with the Company.

  12. It is the policy of the Company to be an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, religion, national origin, non-job related disability, marital status, union affiliation (if any), or any other lawfully protected status. Accordingly, we make every effort to abide by all federal, state and local laws governing all aspects of the employment relations with our employees, including respecting the rights of our employees under Section 7 of the NLRA.  Should any of our employment policies or practices be in conflict with any such federal, state or local laws, our policies and practices will be considered amended or revised to the extent necessary in order to conform with the law.

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